Dale Bendable Arm Board for Adult/Youth/Pediatric

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Dale Bendable ArmBoard For Intravenous Lines is a simple, tapeless, means to position and secure the wrist to prevent unwanted movement when using arterial and peripheral (intravenous) lines. The ArmBoard is covered in a soft comfortable material and is fastened to the arm with adjustable hook and loop straps. The ArmBoard can be custom shaped to any position. It can be used to secure the thumb during extension of the wrist for better access to the radial artery.


Product Description


  • Dale Bendable ArmBoard For Intravenous Lines leads to more trouble free A-Line insertions and facilitates invasive monitoring of arterial blood pressure and arterial blood gasses for extended periods
  • Can be used in
    – Operating Room
    – Recovery Room
    – ICU
    – Patient Care Units
  • Bendable ArmBoard is safe to use on patients undergoing MRI under specified conditions.

    Application Instructions:

    – Align wrist with ArmBoard and bend to the desired position
    – Make certain that the product label is facing upward before resting the wrist/heel upon it
    – Wrap straps around hand and board to desired tension
    – Fasten tab fasteners to secure
    – This product is for single patient use

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