Dale Nasal Gastric Tube Holder

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Dale NasoGastric Tube Holder is ideal for holding nasogastric feeding and aspiration tubes, such as, salem sump tubes, levin stomach tubes, nasoenteric feeding tubes, and nasogastric intestinal tubes. Its skin-friendly adhesive stays in place for extended periods, yet is easy to remove. The unique dual interlocking tabs spiral around the nasogastric tube ensuring superior tube security.



Product Description

Dale NasoGastric Tube Holder Highlights

  • Non-adhering plastic tips on tabs make removal safe and easy without scissors
  • Prevents nasal irritation, erosion or necrosis
  • Helps prevent inadvertent dislocation or removal of tube

How to use Dale NasoGastric Tube Holder?

  • After tube is in place, cleans tube and nose with alcohol wipe
  • Peel holder completely from liner, starting at nose pad. Apply nose pad to nose
  • Choose tab closest to tube and begin to tightly wrap the tube in a spiraling fashion
  • Wrap remaining tab using same spiraling method
  • To remove simply use the non-adherent tips to unwrap tabs from tube
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