Dale Transducer Holders (10pcs per box)

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The Dale Transducer Holders provide a level and secure platform, which can accommodate up to three transducers, for your patients on hemodynamic monitoring. The stability of the Dale Transducer Holder will assure that the waveform (of vascular pressure) and corresponding numerical display of measurement are correct. The Dale Transducer Holders reduce the likelihood of inaccurate measurements due to improper positioning or leveling of the transducers.


Product Description

Application Instructions :
1. Position the Holder along the phlebostatic axis (mid-chest) and wrap around the patient’s arm. Press hook & loop closure to secure.
2. Open the necessary hook & loop tabs, thread through the slot(s) of the transducer(s) and press to secure.

Facts :
For single patient use.Disposable
Not made with natural rubber latex.

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