Maxi Armor Toe Guard Cast Shoes

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Toe guard style gips shoes MAXI ARMOR®presents the best stability and comfortability to cast worn patients in the world.

  1. Integrated strong velcro strap
  2. Unique toe guard design
  3. Armor like strong protection
  4. Effective ventilation hole
  5. Bottom rocker style outsole


Product Description

Integrated and the moderate-length strong velcro inside, there is wider flexibility in adjusting the length of the strap. With the EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) material, the toe guard link makes it possible to adjust the attaching point of the toe guard to the strap, thus covering the different length of the splint cast. An effective ventilation hole prevents the patient’s foot from dampness. Maxi Armor FW outsole applied Bottom Rocker Design concept makes easy ambulation for cast patients.

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