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Ergodynamic is an FDI innovation with a shock absorber incorporated into the forearm crutch. It absorbs shock at impact and the resulting rebound effect prevents injuries in the joints (wrist elbow and shoulder).


Whether you are looking for a sharp comfort answer or a day-to-day walking aid on long term, the Ergodynamic is suitable for all, without distinction of body shape or duration. Relief on joints is the key word.

Product Description


  •  A unique incorporated shock absorber system (patented): absorbs shocks on impact and prevents joint trauma (wrist, elbow, shoulder)
    • Silent operation
    • Extra light and malleable: a featherweight 612 grams
    • Exists in 3 shock absorber sizes to adapt to all body shapes

                    Size S: Recommended for users weighing up to 60 kilos

                    Size M: Recommended for users weighing between 60 and 75 kilos

                    Size L: Recommended for users weighing over 75 kilos 

Equipped with a replaceable non-slip double-layered PREMIUM soft handle and replaceable forearm protection


Unitary weightbetween – 612 g and 620 g

Maximum user weight – 130 kg

Lean height – between 735 and 985 m

Lean height adjustment – 12 positions, 25mm apart

Tube – High-quality aluminium tube

Distance between hand-grip and cuff  – 245 mm


Equipped with a shock absorber mechanism Maximum shock absorber travel: 32 mm Equipped with replaceable, anti-slip double-thickness PREMIUM plastic grip Forearm protection Replaceable shock-absorbing anti-slip base




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