About Us

Honesty, integrity, perseverance, determination, hard work and thrift. These were the foundation stones of our patriarch ADAM NAINA MOHAMED who started a retail outlet selling toiletries, medicinal OTCs and sundry items.

Built on a strong foundation of innovation, expertise and resourcefulness, Naina Mohamed & Sons Pte Ltd is now known to the world as one of the leading healthcare brands in Singapore.

With an extensive portfolio of medical equipment and devices, Naina Mohamed & Sons Pte Ltd equip the healthcare providers with significant innovations and clinical solutions.

Our Aim

Our mission is to join the hospitals, pharmacists, wholesalers, and other front-line healthcare providers in the vital delivery of life-sustaining drugs to their patients.

By placing orders with the highest levels of precision, taking personal and mutual responsibility for support needs, and considering the patient’s well-being as our primary goal, we continue to foster our enduring reputation for quality and integrity.

Reliability is not just a word from us, but can be experienced in our products. We maintain product and service standards as per original equipment manufacturer specifications. Besides, we also have an adequate inventory of spares and ensure round-the-clock support to all our customers.

GDP Certified Warehouse

Good distribution practice (GDP) describes the minimum standards that a wholesale distributor must meet to ensure that the quality and integrity of medicines is maintained throughout the supply chain.

Our warehouse is inspected annually by the Health Sciences Authority for compliance.


21 April 2024

18 April 2020

We are 111 years old. We look ahead to continue to lead and be the most favored choice of our customers.

18 April 2009

We are 100 years old. Thanks to the support of our valuable customers and our loyal staff, to whom the Company and its fourth generation of the founder is ever appreciative and grateful. It has also overcome two World Wars and recessions during its 100 years.

12 November 1990

We further expanded our product range, to include medical devices / single patient disposable products/sports and orthopedic supports and health related products.

9 January 1980

To accommodate the fast growing changes of Singapore, the Company was made as an independent entity to enable quick decisions and effective management which has been the hallmark from the beginning.

14 Oct 1960

These then expanded operations to Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Kuching Sarawak and Brunei simultaneously importing products from Europe, America and India.

24 June 1920

The firm was already established with branches on off-shore islands of Singapore when the next generation took over.

18 April 1909

Naina Mohamed &Sons Pte Ltd Formed