Dale Tracheostomy Tube Holder – Adult / Child

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Dale Tracheostomy Tube Holder is designed to provide secure positioning and to minimize movement of the tracheostomy tube. This tube holder helps stabilize unnecessary movement of the trach tube to reduce accidental dislodgement or displacement of the tube, tracheoesophageal fistula, tracheal stenosis or airway granuloma.

Why Choose Tracheostomy Tube Holder?

  • Quick-fastening fastener tabs
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Adjustable neckband
  • Prevents latex hypersensitivity
  • Single patient use

Product Description

How to Apply Dale Tracheostomy Tube Holder?

  1. Thread long, narrow fastener tabs through flanges on trach plate
  2. Bring tabs back over flange and adhere to the neckband
  3. Secure fastener tab of short section
    to the long neckband section
    Adjust for proper length or compression
  4. Trim excess material for proper length
  5. Dale Tracheostomy Tube Holder Application Instructions Manual

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