CareBag Toilet Bowl Liner

The CareBag Toilet Bowl Liner has been designed to fit institutional toilets (positioned above the lid for hygiene reasons). In contact with fluids and materials, the pad acts from the first contact with fluids to gel the contents, and thus limit the risk of splashes and spills once it is sealed while trapping odours.The PAC additive makes CareBag the only Toilet Bowl Liner with accelerated degradation in an open environment.

Product Description


Used in case of isolation of mobile patients infected with a BMR/BHRe, or C. difficile, the CareBag Toilet Bowl Liner is also useful for frail patients likely to be infected or possibly infected. This product is also a solution for patients treated by radiotherapy or chemotherapy for the non-release of hazardous materials into wastewater sewers.

Product reference 953 85 34BIO
Classification Medical Device, Class I – CE
Packaging Dispenser box of 20
Secondary packaging Box of 18 boxes
Bag (dimensions) 38 x 65 cm
Pad (dimensions) 24 x 13 cm
Pad (absorption of biological fluids (0.9% saline solution)) 450 mL
Standards Compliant with Directive 93/42/EEC. Absorption tested according to a suitable method based on ISO 17190-5
Expiry date 5 years after the manufacture date. Refer to the expiry date on the packaging

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