Core Swede-O Plantar F3 Foot Roller

The Swede-O® Plantar F3 Foot Roller the rounded, segmented shape provides optimal stretch and targets painful areas. This roller helps relieve pain in 3 ways: stretch, cold therapy, and heat therapy.

The most common symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis are stabbing, burning foot and/or heel pain. These symptoms are usually most intense when you first step out of bed or after long periods of rest.

The Plantar F3 helps relieve plantar fasciitis and heel/foot pain three ways:

1. STRETCH: Roll back and forth under the foot to gently stretch the plantar fascia (the fibrous tissue along the bottom of the foot that connects the heel bone (calcaneus) to toes). Stretching the plantar fascia prior to placing weight on it helps prevent damage and micro tears to the tissue.

2. COLD THERAPY: Freezer safe roller provides cold therapy to help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Ideal following activities that irritate the plantar fascia.

3. HEAT THERAPY: Use roller warm to provide heat therapy to help increase elasticity and blood flow to promote healing of the plantar fascia. Ideal prior to walking or standing.

The roller is made of latex free Sorbothane® material which is firm, yet flexible and comfortable against the skin. When warmed or chilled, the roller maintains its density and stays flexible.

Product Description


Materials:  Sorbothane

Product Size:  6″ x 2″, 15.2 x 5.1 cm

Product Weight:  .70 LBS

Color: Blue

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