Etac Immedia SupportBelt

Support belt with handles

Immedia SupportBelt is used to offer support and assistance during mobilisation and transfers. The diagonally placed handles allow the caregiver to maintain a more ergonomic grip. SupportBelt is a useful aid when helping a person to stand up or sit down, to support walking or to assist during transfer between bed, wheelchair, chair, etc. The SupportBelt has non-slip material on the inside and an adjustable belt buckle.

Support Belt (M) Size: 900-1300mm 6 Handles. Yellow Label

Product Description


Diagonally placed handles

Diagonally placed handles

The diagonally placed handles allows the caregiver to maintain a more ergonomic grip.

Maximum user weight 150 kg
Material Outside: Nylon
Inside: Nylon with PU-coating
Padding: Polyethylene
Handles: Polyester strap with
Belt Buckle: Acetal, nylon

Washing instructions

Washing instructions

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