Etac Immedia SatinSheet System

Immedia SatinSheet System is designed to make moving a user in bed easier, whatever their ability. The In-bed system helps reducing strain on the carers back and therefore prevents work-related injuries. 

  • Minimizes the risk of pressure, since the SatinSheet reduces the risk of friction and hereby shear. Meet a wide range of needs from an independent to entirely dependent user.
  • As the sheets stay in the bed, they enhance comfort for the user and facilitate to reposition, transfer or turn the user.

Product Description

DrawSheet 2Direction
Add the 2Direction DrawSheet for a partly dependent user who needs assistance with side to side movement. The DrawSheets are designed to be used on top of the BaseSheet. The DrawSheets do not work on their own.

DrawSheet 4Direction
Add the 4Direction DrawSheet for a dependent user who needs assistance moving in all directions. The DrawSheets are designed to be used on top of the BaseSheet. The DrawSheets do not work on their own.

The many advantages of Immedia SatinSheet System

As an InBed system, Immedia SatinSheet is always in bed, and therefore always ready to use. No time demanding application or removal is necessary. Depending on the configuration chosen it reduces the friction in two or four directions. SatinSheet System can be used with or without a DrawSheet depending on how much help the user needs. For very dependent users a 4-Direction DrawSheet will also reduce the hear forces and thereby contribute to decubitus prophylaxes.

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