Etac Shower Chair Clean 44-4 Lockable / Back Support Pan Holder-White

The foot support on Clean shower commode chair is unique and can be pushed under the seat when not in use. The soft curved surface provides good comfort for the feet, which are also protected by the foot support’s side protection.


Product Description

All other variants of Clean also have these features, but they also have additional functionality to meet other needs.

Slim but roomy

Slim but roomy

The smart design gives Etac Clean a large and comfortable seating area even though the chair is neat and slim.

Fits over the toilet

Fits over the toilet

Thanks to the upright operating handle, the chair is a perfect fit, even over wall-mounted toilets.

Easy access

Easy access

The chair is open at the back to facilitate access for hygiene purposes.

Foot support designed for feet

Foot support designed for feet

The practical foot support has a soft, rounded shape which gives the feet extra comfort and protection.

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