Amrutanjan Roll On

Faster relaxation from headache on the move

Amrutanjan Roll On can help you in getting over headache faster particularly when you are travelling or even while driving. It can show its efficacy in relieving headache within 5 minutes or so with the powerful combination of Wintergreen oil, menthol and eucalyptus. It is non sticky, non messy and easy to apply while you are travelling. It immediately takes action by penetrating deeper and kicks out your pain and provides instant relief. It fits perfectly in your pocket/handbag and is so easy to use. Roll On acts as an instant stress reliever and also provides a cooling effect.


Product Description


Apply Roll On over the forehead and experience instant relief from headache. Roll On can also be used to de-stress and clear blocked nose by applying it on both the palms, rub them and inhale.


Karpoor powder, Pudina ka phool, Gandhapura tel, Perfumed base

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