Etac Immedia OneManSling

The single carer’s companion

Immedia OneManSling makes it possible for one caregiver to move a user higher up in bed. Fasten the OneManSling using the loop at one side of the head end of the bed and by using the leverage created by the sling and the slide cushion, using minimal effort, move the user higher up in bed. To minimise friction, place a slide sheet under the user’s pressure points, primarily shoulders and hip section. The construction of OneManSling, with a strap and a slide cushion, together with a MultiGlide slide sheet, gives very good leverage for effortless movement.

Product Description

Intended Use

Intended Use

The Immedia OneManSling is used for assisted move higher up in bed and move legs in and out of bed

Immedia OneManSling     Item no.
– 6 handles Width x Length 7,5 x 300 cm IM460PU
Maximum user weight 150 kg
Material Strap: Polyester
Glide cushion inside: Nylon
Padding: Polyester
Outside: Polyurethane

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