Etac Immedia PediTurn

Swivel cushion for the floor

Immedia PediTurn is a swivel cushion that facilitates transfer between sitting positions, such as bed to wheelchair. It is used when the user cannot move their feet during the transfer.

Available in two options

Immedia PediTurn SOFT: a soft cushion suitable when the user is not wearing shoes. It has a non-slip surface on both sides to avoid sliding out of position.

Immedia PediTurn HARD: a hard plate suitable when the user is wearing shoes.


Product Description

Intended Use

Intended Use

The intended use for Immedia PediTurn is to support moving feet during seated transfer, such as transfer between bed, wheelchair, chair, shower chair, toilet and commode. It can also be used for transfer in and out of a car.

Immedia PediTurn     Item no.
SOFT, swivel cushion for floor, black   400 mm IM99836GT
HARD, swivel cushion for floor, grey   380 mm IM9970
Maximum user weight 150 kg
Material SOFT, top: Polyester with TPE coating

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