Etac Immedia OneWayGlide

For controlled and easy positioning

Immedia OneWayGlide is a cushion that allows sliding easily in one direction whilst resisting sliding in the other direction.

Immedia OneWayGlide is available in the following versions:

Immedia OneWayGlide non-slip is a tubular cushion with a non-slip outer material that grips to any surface. It can be com­bined with a cotton cover when necessary.

Immedia OneWayGlide velour is a tubular cushion with velour material. More comfortable to sit on, but needs to be used on a textile sur­face.

Immedia OneWayGlide pad is a one layer pad with velour top suitable for use directly on a textile surface.

OneWayGlide Long

Immedia OneWayGlide Long is a long and open cushion with handles and velour top surface. Available in two options; with or without tie strings. The tie strings are used to tie the cushion to the wheelchair frame when necessary.

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