Corfit Lumbosacral Belt

The economically priced CorFit System® LS Value Back Support, designed for short-term use, helps stabilize the spine to ease lower back pain by creating intra-abdominal pressure. It also helps improve posture and serves as a reminder to use proper lifting techniques by limiting the motion of muscles and ligaments.


Product Description

Instructions of Use:
Step 1: Loosen the two elastic side pull straps.
Step 2: Position support across back with the bottom edge over Coccyx.
Step 3: Insert hands into closure assists and close support making sure there is a generous overlap.
Step 4: Grasp the side pulls and stretch them out and down to provide maximum inward and upward lift.
Step 5: Fasten the side pull straps to the front panel of the support. If you have questions about the use of this product consult your health care professional.

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