Baby Hugger Belly Lifter

The Baby Hugger® Belly Lifter Maternity Support hugs the belly to ease lower back pain and discomfort. Provides comfortable support for stretched or strained muscles and ligaments while pregnant or postpartum. The adjustable band provides a gentle lift and accommodates a growing belly. Lifting the belly is not only comfortable, it also helps reduce pressure on the pelvis and bladder.

Durable elastic back panel allows the support to move with you, making it more comfortable to wear. Flexible stays provide support and stability as well as help prevent the sides from rolling.


Product Description

Instructions of Use:
This garment is intended to be worn under clothing. (photos shown are for illustration purposes only).

Step 1: Position rear panel across the back and wrap elastic strap under belly. Secure strap snugly to hold rear panel in place.
Step 2: Hold the belly band with both hands, position below abdomen.
Step 3: Gently pull up and back to create desired lift.
Step 4: Fasten hook and loop to rear panel. The support should fit snugly, yet comfortably.

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