Dale Abdominal Binder

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Dale Abdominal Binder is clinically proven to expedite the return of pulmonary function after open abdominal surgery and encourage patients to ambulate sooner. This Abdominal Binder supports abdominal muscles while encouraging mobility and promoting muscle redevelopment. Dale Abdominal Binder is made entirely of an exclusive stretch material, that allows hook and loop closure at any point for more precise and comfortable fit.


Product Description

Instructions to Use:

Applying Abdominal Binder:

  • Place the binder under the patient and stretch one end out. Proper stretch provides necessary compression.
  • Stretch the binder over the patient stomach and hold with one hand. The binder may be placed straight, or at an angle if additional pressure is needed on the upper or lower abdomen.
  • Stretch the other end over at the desired angle.
  • Press the binder closed while stretching.

Be sure to stretch the binder adequately. Remember, a secure fit would not restrict breathing; the stretching and compression actually facilitates deep breathing.

Self Application:

  • Position top edge just below navel and stretch out sideways.
  • Wrap around.
  • Press closed to secure.
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